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Looking to get HSC Result 2018 Maharashtra? If yes then it's live here at MSBSHSE HSC Result 2018 - Check Maharashtra 12th Result 2018 at

Have you ever went through a situation when it becomes very much difficult to for you to even sleep in the night. If yes, then you may definitely understand how exactly it feels when you have been waiting for something with so much of excitement and curiosity.

Yes, we are talking about the HSC Result 2018 Maharashtra announcement for which you all are waiting eagerly and I'm sure, many of you must be going through such situations and it's been so much difficult for you to sleep in the night because you really had a lots of future plans and you are actually waiting to get admitted in a college and it can only happen when your MSBSHSE HSC result 2018 be released.

Each and every student have to experience the board exams in their student life and It really has a lot of importance.

Since childhood, a student have to appear in so many exams every year but board exams has their own rules and they are very much strict and valuable.

Before the board classes, every student have to attempt their exams in their own school, while when you attempt the exams for the board classes like SSC and HSC then you always need to visit another school so as to attempt your board exams and have to experience the strict environment. A single mistake can cancel your board exams.

Therefore, every student start taking these exams very seriously from the starting of board classes and start focusing on their books regularly.

We know that you too have appeared for the board exams in the month of March 2018 and that's why you have been so much excited to check your MSBSHSE HSC result 2018.

To take your excitement to an end, you landed to this website so that you could get the chance of checking your HSC Result 2018 Maharashtra but unfortunately I would say that It will only be available to you once It declared by Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE).

MSBSHSE HSC Result 2018

When will MSBSHSE HSC Result 2018 be Announced?

We know that you came here with the hope of getting your HSC Result 2018 Maharashtra but you should understand that we aren't from those people who will give you wrong information.

You may definitely find some websites promising you to show your MSBSHSE 12th Results Online but when you follow their instructions then you find nothing. Believe me or not, but It's not possible for you to get your MSBSHSE 12th Results Online from any of the website on internet until Maharashtra board doesn't make it live officially.

Your MSBSHSE HSC result 2018 will be available to you once they make the official announcement of it.

We can't deny that waiting for MSBSHSE 12th Results Online are much more difficult then attempting the board exams.

Every student put their efforts while preparing for the board exams and appeared for it when conducted by the board authorities and just after completing the board exams, every student has the only thing to do, i.e. wait for the day when their MSBSHSE 12th Results Online will be live.

But as per me, you shouldn't think much about it and should utilize your holidays in doing something else rather than wasting your time.

As per our reports, Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is preparing to announce the class 12th HSC result 2018 Maharashtra in the month of May 2018 and then every student will be able to check their MSBSHSE 12th Results Online through their official website using their examination roll number.


Exam Name

Exam Date

Exam Result Date


Maharashtra SSC Board Exam

1st March - 24th March

In the month of April/May

Maharashtra HSC Board Exam

21st February - 20th March

In the month of April/May

As I already said above that most of the student waste their holidays in waiting for the MSBSHSE 12th Results Online announcement and does nothing in their holidays which isn't good.

Instead of waiting for the MSBSHSE 12th Results Online, you should enjoy your holidays in doing something which gives you happiness and enjoyment.

Thinking about the exam result all the time will only give you a lots of headache and pressure on your mind. After getting the exam result such as Maharashtra Board HSC Result 2018, you have to focus on your further studies and for that, It's very much important that your brain should be fresh and cool.

Therefore we recommend you to enjoy your holidays in doing something which gives you lots of happiness.

You can do anything like joining the gym, dancing classes or even can plan a trip to any of the adventurous place and start having fun with your friends and family members so that your brain can become refreshed.

How to Check Maharashtra 12th Result 2018?

So finally the time has came when you all want me to share the method by which you will be able to check your Maharashtra 12th result 2018.

As per the reports, more than 18 lakh students including boys and girls have appeared for the Maharashtra HSC exams 2018 and all of them now came to the action when they get to know that Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) has declared the Maharashtra Board HSC Result 2018 and their results are available live at their official website.

It becomes very much difficult to wait a single minute when student get the news of something for which they were already waiting since so many days.

As your Maharashtra HSC result 2018 is live now so let me tell you that you must have to follow below steps in order to get your Maharashtra Board HSC Result 2018 smoothly. Simply follow them and have your results in your hands.

Step #1: To check your Maharashtra Board HSC Result 2018, you simply need to visit the official website of Maharashtra board that is

Step #2: At this website, your Maharashtra Board HSC Result 2018 will be available to you within 2-3 clicks. Just after landing to this website, find a link which will show you your exam result.

Step #3: A link will be available there saying " HSC Examination Result March 2018 ". Simply click on it and then a new page will open having a form on it where you would need to put your details.

Step #4: At the new page, you would need to enter your examination roll number and your Mother's first name and after that, simply click on view result button.

By just following the above simple steps, your MSBSHSE HSC result 2018 will be available in front of your with having all your details and scores in all the subjects.

After getting your Maharashtra 12th Result 2018, I'm pretty sure that you will spread the happiness among your friends and relatives and your parents will be proud on you when they will see that you really have got amazing marks in your exam.

So this is the way which will give you lots of happiness by showing your Maharashtra 12th Result 2018 to you.

At this website, we always takes care of our readers and as we have shared this method to check your Maharashtra 12th Result 2018 so we want you to follow steps correctly.

But wait, do all of you have the working internet connection, laptop or a computer? If yes then this is the right method otherwise you might have some problems while checking your exam result.

To use this method, It's important that you have laptop or computer and a working internet connection.

If you don't have any of these things and you are having difficulty while checking your result by this method then we suggest you to look below to find the another method which will send your Maharashtra 12th Result 2018 directly to your mobile phone.

How to Check Maharashtra HSC Results 2018 Via Mobile SMS?

We all know that internet has became the top source of any of the information in this world and everybody has the access to the internet in this world.

Therefore, every year these educational board authorities announce the exam results such as Maharashtra 12th Result 2018 over the internet so that each and every student can have the access to their result in the real time at their own convenience.

But while checking the result on internet, sometimes students have to go through some unwanted problems like they have to face website server down issues which generally occurs when a huge number of traffic floods to a website and then the website get crashed. In that situation, student face a lot of delay for their Maharashtra 12th Result 2018.

That's why there should always be an alternative method which can help you get your scores easily.

Also we know that not everybody have the proper knowledge of internet but mobile phone has reached to each and everybody's pocket and we all know how to use a mobile phone properly. Am I right or not?

Absolutely I'm right and that's why It's an important thing to know that we are going to share a method with you which can be used for checking your HSC Result 2018 Maharashtra and that too by using your mobile phone.

With the help of your mobile phone, you would just need to send a message in below pattern and your Maharashtra Board HSC Result 2018 will be live on your mobile screen.

BSNL subscribers: Text MHSSC<space><seat no> to 57766.

Idea, Vofafone, Reliance and Tata users: Message MAH12<space><roll no> to 58888111.

Just a single message you need to send by following the above pattern and just after a minute, you will receive an another message on your mobile phone which will contain every details of your Maharashtra Board HSC Result 2018 and you will be happy a lot after getting it in your hands.

Previously, we used to setup alarms in our mobile phones to wake up early in the morning, make calls, doing calculations and many other things but this you can also be able to check your Maharashtra Board HSC Result 2018 with the help of your mobile phone.

Technology is getting so smart nowadays and many things which seems to be impossible few years back getting possible today and everybody has started loving this change.

Importance of MSBSHSE Class 12th Result 2018

When it comes to know the importance of education and these exam results such as Maharashtra Board HSC Result 2018 then every student should understand that these exam results ( Maharashtra Board HSC Result 2018 ) are our life line which will help us continue our studies and let us learn things in a normal way.

As per the Indian education system, It's always important to pass in your exams If you want to go in further class and want to take your education to the next level.

In order to continue your studies, you would always need to pass in each of the class and have to perform good too. Nowadays many of the students has started considering their education, a headache to them which they never want to get. Am I right or not?

Absolutely because It's very much easy to find those students who never want to study and consider it as a boring task. Yes you read it right and I'm sure, you too get bore while studying for your exams but somehow you have to bear it because of the pressure of your parents. Right?

So let me tell you that If you are studying with having so much of pressure then there's no benefit of this education.

Believe me or not, but your education will be the only power of you which will solve all your problems in future and will help you survive in this society.

Education help us learn things properly and help us improve our skills so that we can achieve something really big in our life and can make our own identity in this world.

Without education, people can't even survive properly and used to regret always for not getting education in their childhood.

If you don't wanna be the one who regret for not getting educated because they aren't getting the good job and facing lots of problems, then It's better to understand the importance of education today. Otherwise, you will regret a lot.

You wouldn't know that you are very lucky and living the student life today with not having any of the responsibility of your family and parents.

You don't need to earn money, you don't need to feed anyone then why can't you focus in your books properly which will help you make your career in future. Well it's totally depends on you whether you will take it seriously or not.

If you will get well educated today then surely you will have the best life in future and you will be proud on getting educated.

MSBSHSE HSC Result - Previous Year's Statistics
























































It looks like you are very much excited for your MSBSHSE HSC Result 2018 and that's the reason you have been waiting a lot for it. But It is also true that you are experiencing little bit pf pressure and nervousness for your MSBSHSE HSC Result 2018 and you had several doubts whether you will achieve the expected scores or not? Right?

Well we can understand your situation and believe me, you aren't the only one who are going through such pressure. Lots of candidates send us emails regularly and tries to find out updates based on their MSBSHSE HSC Result 2018.

MSBSHSE HSC Result 2018 holds a huge importance for a student as the scores you will get in these result will help you continue your further studies by taking the admission in the colleges of your choice and you can opt for any course you want.

That's the reason, students used to face extreme pressure prior to their result declaration. And here we always love to help such students by sharing every possible updates with them.

Here we had shared the result statistics from last year's MSBSHSE HSC Result which could help you get the idea about how much candidates achieved their goals last year and you can expect your scores on the basis of it.

When you will observe the above table then you will find that a total of 14,31,365 number of students attempted the examination out of which 89.50% students cleared the examination from different different divisions.

Hopefully we will see the considerable improvement this year too when the MSBSHSE HSC Result 2018 be declared and all the candidates will be happy a lot. 😀

MSBSHSE HSC Result - Last 5 Year's Statistics

YearCandidates AppearedCandidates PassedPassing %

All the candidates who have landed to this page to find the last 5 years result statistics can check all the details above. We had shared a table above which contains all the result statistics of last few years.

As per the result statistics, the overall pass percentage were 90.03% in 2014 and nearly 11,98,859 number of candidates appeared in the examination. After 2014, the number of appeared candidates has increased a lot every year.

In 2015, the number of candidates appeared into the examination were 12,37,241 out of which 91.26% got passed. Unlike the number of candidates, the overall pass percentage has dropped a little bit in 2016.

In 2017, the overall pass percentage has increased to 89.50% and not the board authorities are looking for the improved overall pass percentage this year. I am sure above data will help you know about how much scores you could get when your Maharashtra HSC Result 2018 be declared.

Also we would like to tell you that you should not worry much about your Maharashtra HSC Result 2018, because the candidates will get the scores based on their own performance. So definitely will have the expected scores if you have given your best during the examination.

You just have to wait for your Maharashtra HSC Result 2018 announcement and then you will find all the scores of your Maharashtra HSC Result 2018 at this website. You just need to stay tuned with us.

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