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Getting ready to find MPBSE HSSC Result 2018. Just wait a minute and look at MPBSE HSSC Result 2018 - Check Madhya Pradesh 12th Result 2018 at to check your subject wise scores.

It seems that you have a lot of desires for your Madhya Pradesh 12th result 2018 and to fulfill all your dreams and hopes, you always look for the best place where you could have the chance of checking your MP Board 12th Result 2018.

In the hope of getting your MP Board 12th Result 2018, you have seen so many articles and read lots of news articles but still you haven't got your MP Board Class 12 results and that's the reason, you just searched for one more time and landed to this website. Am I right or not?

Absolutely right and as you are looking for your MP Board 12th Result 2018 so you want us to show every detail of your MP 12 Board Result.

So to answer you, I would must say that you wouldn't be disappoint from us as we will share every possible information we can provide to you about your MPBSE HSSC result 2018.

At this website, I have been sharing exam results from all over the India and each and every student will be able to get their exam result like MP Board 12th Result through our website once it gets released from the official board authorities.

As we all know that MPBSE stands for Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education, an educational board authority which has conducted the Madhya Pradesh 12th Exams 2018 in the month of March 2018 in which more than 10,00,000 students has appeared and gave their best in order to get the good marks in MP Board 12th Result.

We know you are one of those students and studied really hard during the board exams which made you a lot more curious to know about your MP Board 12 Results.

It's very much normal to get excited for the results when you have given your 100% efforts and expected to get the better results i.e. MP 12th Board Result 2018 against the hard work you have done for it.

Everybody wants to get paid for the hard work they have done and same things goes to you here. We know how a student study during their exams and focus on their books with so much of dedication so that they can perform good in their exams and get better scores in all of their subjects in their MP Board 12th Result 2018.

MPBSE HSSC Result 2018

When will Madhya Pradesh 12th Result 2018, MP Board 12th Result 2018 be Released?

So you too have been looking to get the answer of this question? I think yes and that's why you have reading all of this article and trying to get your MP Board Result 2018.

Nowadays such questions are very much common among all the students and everyone used to discuss about it when they gather together and ask each others about their experiences during the board exams.

Each and every student has the different experience during their examination and since the day, they attempt their last exam, waiting period for the exam result start for them and keep creating the excitement in them till they get their result i.e. MP Board 12th Result 2018.

While waiting for the MPBSE 12 Result 2018, student always try to get the answer of this question and here we are available to help you get all the answers of your questions.

Every student who is looking to know about when their MP 12th Board Result 2018 be declared should know that board authority always takes time before announcing the MP Board 12th Result 2018 officially.

From conducting the exams to declaring the results i.e. MP Board 12th Result 2018, Board authority has to complete a lot of important work for the students who given the board exams and all these works like conducting exams to checking the answer copies takes a lot of time and that's why student had to wait until the ( MP Board Result 2018 ) doesn't release publicly.

Like every year after conducting the board exams, Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education has been preparing to declare the MP Board 12th Result 2018 in the month of May 2018 and then every student who attempted the board exam will be able to get their Madhya Pradesh class 12 results 2018.

StateExam NameExam DateExam Result Date
Madhya PradeshMP Board 10th ExamMarch 5- March 31In the month of May/June
MP Board 12th ExamMarch 1 to April 3In the month of May/June

Your MPBSE 12th Result 2018 will be available live online when the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education declares it officially.

At that time, every student either they belongs to Arts, Commerce or Science, their exam result i.e. MP 12th Board Result 2018 will be available at their official website and can be check through their examination roll number.

Till then, It's not the good idea to wait for it with so much of excitement and wasting your time. Instead of eagerly waiting for it, You should utilize your holidays in other activities whether you go for the trip or join any classes.

It will be always better to learn something else in your holidays rather than wasting it by waiting for the MP Board 12th Exam Results 2018.

If you really got tired of studying during the exams and want to refresh your mind then we suggest you to plan a trip to somewhere you dreamed of and enjoy your trip either with your best friends, family or cousins.

By doing this, your brain will get refreshed a lot and then you will have the power to focus more efficiently on your studies after you will get your Madhya Pradesh 12th results.

How to Check MPBSE HSSC Result 2018?

So after waiting a lot of days during the holidays, Finally the day has come when you will be able to check your MPBSE HSSC Result 2018.

And we know that you are very much happy today because you have got the news of MP Board 12th Exam Results 2018 declaration and that's the reason, you just landed here in order to get your scores in all your subjects.

We can feel how much you are excited right now as you really have waited a lot and kept thinking about it while having fun on the trip. I'm pretty sure that many of you have enjoyed your holidays and have done so much of exciting things with your family and friends.

Now you are looking very much fresh for the new journey and here we will let you check your MPBSE HSSC result 2018 by following the below simple steps.

Step #1: So to check your MPBSE HSSC Result, We suggest you to have a visit to the official website of MPBSE board i.e.

Step #2: After landing to this website, you have to search for link which will take you to a page where you would need to enter your details and your MP Board 12th Exam Results 2018 will be available to you.

Step #3: Just check for the link saying " HSSC (Class 12th) Examination 2018 " and then simply click on it.

Step #4: By clicking on it, a new page will appear which will ask you to put your examination roll number and then hit submit button.

Just after hitting the submit button, all your scores in each of the subjects will be available live on your computer screen and all the information of you like your Name, Father's name and other details.

Simply take the print out of it or you can also capture it so as to show it to your parents and close friends.

Now as you already know that Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education has made the MP Board 12th Exam Results 2018 live and we have shared the method of checking it via online.

Today you must be very much happy and must have decided the further journey of your education.

I can remember the day when I was came back to my home after having fun with all my friends from an adventurous trip to Leh Ladakh where we have done so many adventurous activities and experienced the real adventure of life.

There were around 3 weeks left for the MP Board 12th Exam Results 2018 declaration and few of my close friends made the sudden plan for this adventurous trip. On this trip, we went Manali to Leh Ladakh to Srinagar to came back to home.

It took us around 15 days to complete the trip and experienced a lot of thrill and excitement while going through different different death valleys like Khardung la top, Chandrataal lake, zojila pass and many others.

After completing the trip, We all came back to our home by the same day when the MP Board 12th Exam Results 2018 of 12th class was about to announce at 10:00 AM in the morning and as we all were tired a lot so didn't knew about the MP Board 12th Exam Results 2018 and fallen asleep immediately by reaching at home.

Each of our friend were sleeping during the MP Board 12th Exam Results 2018 announced in the morning at 10:00 AM. At 10:30 am, I woke up and my parents were watching television and then I suddenly went through a news channel and shocked to see that the MPBSE HSSC Result 2018 was released and then I couldn't control my excitement and informed to all my close friends.

That day, we all were happy a lot as the result was declared and we all got their result successfully.

I got really amazing marks in all my subjects and all my friends too had the great results and then we celebrated it hard in the evening and enjoyed that night too.

Those days were the most precious day for me and I really enjoyed those days. After I got my exam result, I started looking to get admitted in a reputed college and does the same after few days.

So these were all the things we too experienced and everybody has their own experiences and lovely moments. We suggest you to share your own experience with us through the below comments after getting your MP Board 12th Results 2018. 😀

How to Check MPBSE 12th Result 2018, MPBSE HSSC Result 2018 Via Mobile SMS?

It seems that you aren't happy with the method we explained above and that's why you look for an alternative method. Right? If you have been facing problems while using the above method then we recommend you to try this method and It will surely help you get your MP Board 12th Exam Results 2018 quickly.

We all know that checking MP Board 12th Exam Results 2018 online often create problems which pull us from our exam result.

Most of the time it happens that the official website stops responding due to sudden traffic come to the website due to which lots of student get unable to check their MP Board 12th Exam Results 2018.

Such internet problems are very much common and every year we get so many complaints about website getting down during the result announcement and that's why we always share this alternative method with all my readers in order to help them and get their MPBSE HSSC Result 2018.

With this method, you will be able to check your MP Board 12th Exam Results 2018 by using your mobile phone and shouldn't have to worry If you don't have the internet connectivity or laptop computer.

Your MPBSE HSSC result 2018 will be available to you simply by sending a message using your keypad mobile phone in the below pattern:

MP12 Space (roll no) and message it to 52070 (Airtel);

MP12 (roll no) and send to to 58888711 (Idea Cellular and Vodafone);

MP12 (roll no) send to 58888 (Aircel), and also MP12 (roll no) to 58888411 (Reliance).

Simply send a message by following the above instruction and your MPBSE 12th result will be available on your mobile phone screen. Every year lots of people prefer checking their result via mobile phones over checking their result online.

Importance of Madhya Pradesh HSSC Result 2018, MP Board 12th Exam Results 2018

Well when it comes to know the importance of your education then we always recommend you to think about your dreams which you have seen with your eyes. Will you be able to fulfill it? If you wouldn't take your studies seriously then believe me, nowhere you will be able to get a job and your career will be in a huge danger.

It's always important to be highly qualified and well educated so that the way you think can be changed and you will be able to make your own path. An educated person has all the ability to fight with all their problems and find solutions to them.

Recently your Madhya Pradesh 12 result 2018 has been declared by Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education and available live to check.

If you have got good percentage in your MP Board 12th Exam Results 2018 then we congratulates you and wish you best of luck for your further studies and future. But If you couldn't get the good marks or even struggled to get pass then believe me, you will face so many difficulties in your future.

It's better that you understand the value of education today and start taking your studies seriously from now and make your future bright and fulfill all your dreams.

MP 12 Board Result - Previous Year's Statistics

MP Board 12th Result – Last Year's Statistics

Total registered students


Overall pass percentage


Overall pass percentage of girls


Overall pass percentage of boys



Saiyam Jain scored 97%

Total candidates passed in First Division

2.05 lakh

Well when it comes to career then every candidate takes their education seriously and for a student studying in Madhya Pradesh, MPBSE HSSC Result 2018 holds a huge value and that's the reason, lots of candidates are waiting to get their MP Board 12th Result 2018 so as to move ahead towards making their bright future.

It happens every year when we notice several pressure and nervousness in the students for their exam results such as MPBSE HSSC Result 2018. And most of the times, students get nervous because they are concerned a lot about whether they will achieve their targeted scores or not.

All these expectations move these candidates towards pressure and nervousness and that's why here we had started sharing every possible updates will all you candidates so that it can help you keep yourself calm and you can have better experiences.

Here we had shared the key statistics from last year's MP Board 12th Result as you can see in the above table. We hope it will help you understand all the scenario and you will be able to set the realistic targets based on your individual performance during the examination.

In 2017, there are 5,43,348 total number of candidates who had participated in the examination out of which 67.87% students got passed in which 72.38% were girls and 64.16% were boys.

The topper named Saiyam Jain scored 97% in the MP Board 12th Result and this year, the MP board is expecting to notice a considerable improvement when the Madhya Pradesh 12th Result 2018 be live.

MPBSE HSSC Result - Last 5 Year's Statistics

YearAppeared StudentsOverall Passing %Passing % GirlsPassing % Boys

It seems you are looking to know about the last 5 years result statistics and that's what we are going to share here so that you can have the details about how much candidates attended the examination over the last few years and the overall pass percentage obtained by them.

Therefore we had shared the table above in which you will find the overall pass percentage including the pass percentage of boys and girls.

We know you have several expectations for your upcoming MPBSE HSSC Result 2018. But you should also know that your unrealistic expectations could lead to have lots of nervousness and fear for your MPBSE HSSC Result 2018.

The above result analysis table will help you understand how things have done in the previous years and then you could set up the realistic expectations for the scores you will get in your MPBSE HSSC Result 2018.

While looking at the result analysis table, you will notice that the overall pass percentage stuck between 65 to 70% since 2013 to 2017 which clearly shows that their evaluation process is extremely strict. Also if you are really confident on the answers you have given in the examination then surely you will get the scores based on your individual performance.

In 2017, there are 7,13,262 number of candidates who appeared for the MPBSE HSSC examination 2017 out of which, 70.11% candidates successfully passed it there 69.47% were girls and 70.07% were boys.

Now very few days are left for the MPBSE HSSC Result 2018 announcement and the board authorities are expecting to see the improved overall pass percentage when the MPBSE HSSC Result 2018 be announced.

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