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JAC board class 10 result 2018 is now live at www.jac.nic.in and students can check it. All the details are available at JAC 10th Result 2018 - Check Jharkhand 10th Result 2018 at www.jac.nic.in.

Looking to get your JAC 10th result 2018 and wanna know how much scores you made in each subject? If yes then I would say that you have landed to the right place where you will get each and every details about your Jharkhand Board 10th Result 2018.

We get a lot of requests from our readers to know about their JAC Matric Results and that's why we have decided to explain all the information about JAC 10th result 2018.

We are getting lots of emails and comments from those people who have appeared in the exam hall for the exam of JAC class 10th and they are waiting for the day when Jharkhand Academic Council will declare the JAC Matric Result 2018 for all the students.

Jharkhand Academic Council is the main educational board authority for all the students studying in the schools of Jharkhand which is responsible for the board exams.

For a student, board exams are the most important exams in which every student have to perform good in order to achieve great marks so that they can continue their further studies.

In India, It is always important to study hardly in order to get good percentages so that you can get admitted in any of the college or school of your choice to continue your further studies.

Nowadays competition are getting very higher and most of the colleges are withdrawing high cut off lists to select the student for their college. If your over all percentage comes under their cut off list then you will get admitted in that college otherwise you can't get admitted there.

Therefore, every student who is very much serious for their career must study hard and perform good to achieve great percentages in their exams. We know that you too have appeared for the exams and have done hard work for the exams.

So It's the time when you want to check your Jharkhand 10th result 2018 and we will provide all the details of it once the educational board authority make it official to check the JAC 10th Class Result 2018.

JAC 10th Result 2018

When will Jharkhand 10th Result 2018, JAC 10th Class Result 2018 be Declared?

Exam results such as Jharkhand 10th Result 2018 always create a lot of excitement and curiosity among the students and every year lakhs of student appear for the board exams when it has been conducted by the educational board authority.

All the students who attempted the Jharkhand board 10th exams 2018 has been looking for their JAC Matric Result 2018 and we know most of them had already landed over this page.

Also you are one of those student just came here to check your Jharkhand 10th Class Result 2018. Right? So we would love to welcome you and want you to get every information about your Jharkhand Board Result 2018 through this website and be happy today.

We all know that how much time such process usually take and that's why many of the students have to wait only and there is nothing can be done except waiting.

Jharkhand Academic Council has organized the board exams in the month of March 2018 which has already taken so many days for preparation and when it was conducted, a lot of officials are allotted for the different different types of duties at the examination centre so that nothing wrong can be happen while conducting the exams.

After when the exams completed successfully then It's obvious that the JAC 10th Result 2018 declaration process will also get an appropriate amount of time and that's why we suggest you to subscribe to our newsletter and get notified quickly whenever the JAC class 10 result 2018 be declared by Jharkhand Academic Council.

With the huge number of students appeared for the exams, It's bit difficult to declare the Jharkhand Matric Result 2018 so early as every process takes time.

After the exams get over, all the examination copies need to be checked properly and correctly which always to be done by taking the enough time so that there wouldn't be any mistake while checking the examination copies.

During the checking process, a single mistake might ruin the life of a child. Therefore, Jharkhand Academic Council will declare the JAC 10th Class Result 2018 at the time when everything will be checked properly and they will be ready to declare it.


Exam Name

Exam Date

Exam Result Date


Jharkhand 10th Board Exam

March 10 to March 21

Last week of May

JAC Intermediate Board Exam

March 8 to March 27

Last week of May, Arts in June

As per our reports, Jharkhand Academic Council has been preparing to declare the JAC 10th Class Result 2018 in the 3rd week of May 2018 and at that time, all the candidates will be allowed to check their JAC 10th Result 2018 using their examination roll number or registration number at their official website.

How to Check JAC 10th Result 2018, Jharkhand Board Class 10th Result 2018?

After keeping patience in your control, Finally the day has came when the JAC class 10 result 2018 has declared by the Jharkhand Academic Council and every students are suggested to check it online by visiting their official website.

Sometimes It become very much difficult to get the exam result i.e. Jharkhand 10th Class Result 2018 whenever it gets released officially because a lot of students rushed sudden to the official website which might cause the server down issues and a lot of students need to face the problems while checking the JAC Jharkhand 10th Result.

Therefore we suggest you to follow all the instruction we have explained below and also keep the alternative method of checking the Jharkhand 10th Result 2018 in your mind which can help you on time.

I can remember the day when I was a student of class 10 and my board exam result got declared and I didn't knew about it.

It was the time when I was went for a movie with one of my friend and we both were enjoying that movie and when the exam result such as JAC 10th Result 2018 got released then a friend of mine was calling me so many times so as to inform me about the exam result but I had kept my phone silent and I didn't knew about it.

When the movie came to an interval period then I checked my mobile phone and found a total of 6 missed calls of my friend then I called him back and get notified that the class 10 result has been out and I couldn't control my excitement when I get to know about it.

Immediately I explained everything to my friend who was with me in the theater and we both decided to leave the movie in the interval so that we could check our exam results like JAC 10th Class Result 2018.

By travelling about 20 minutes, We have reached to a cyber cafe and looked for the exam result but unfortunately, I couldn't get it because there were a lot of students already queued for it and we have to wait a lot for it.

So we both left that cyber cafe and started looking for any other cyber cafe and found the another one after walking for 10 minutes where we found that the official website is facing the server down issue and the exam result ( Jharkhand 10th Result 2018 ) couldn't be checked for now.

Then suddenly we got the call from the same friend who informed us about the result announcement and we explained everything to him.

While talking with my friend, I came to know about the method of checking exam result by sending the message from the mobile phone and used the same to check our result like JAC 10th Result 2018.

That's why here we will explain you the both method so that you couldn't have much problems while checking.

Step #1: At first, We recommend you to visit the official website of Jharkhand board i.e. www.jac.nic.in.

Step #2: After visiting to this website, you would need to enter in the results section where you would find a link saying " Check JAC class 10 result 2018 here ".

Step #3: Simply click on that link and you will be redirected to a page where your exam result will be waiting for you.

Step #4: Just provide all your details like examination roll number or registration number to get your Jharkhand 10th Result 2018 and then hit submit button. By clicking on the submit button, your JAC 10 result 2018 will be live on your computer screen and will be available to get the print out of it.

So this is the first method which we wanted you to know for checking your JAC 10th Result 2018. But there's also an another method which is very much important for you to know.

Yes we are talking about the SMS method which is very quick and easy to use. With the help of that method, you would just need to send a message and your Jharkhand Matric Result 2018 will be live on your mobile phone screen.

So let's have a look on it and then you will be allowed to use any of the method which suits better to you. 😀

How to Check Jharkhand Board Class 10 Result 2018, JAC 10th Result 2018 Via Mobile SMS?

As we had already told you before that we really had an issue when we were checking our JAC 10th Result 2018 and we have to face the website server down problems which is very much common when huge number of people visit to a website suddenly.

Same thing happened with us that day and the official website get down and in that situation, we get to know about this method from one of our friend and it helped us get our exam result quickly.

Exam result just like JAC 10th Result announcement is the most awaited event and student get crazy for it when they find that their exam result has been released officially and available to check online.

Due to sudden traffic, people have to face such problems and here we are available to help you get out of those problems.

We will explain you how you can tackle this issue and get your subject wise scores and let your parents know about your hard work and dedication.

To get your JAC result class 10, students have to send RESULT<space>JAC10<space>ROLL CODE + ROLL NUMBER - Send it to 56263 and in return, they will get a message on their mobile phone which will be having all the details about their JAC 10th Result 2018 like their Name, Date of Birth, Father's name and scores in all the subjects.

So these are the two best methods which you could apply in order to check your Jharkhand class 10th result 2018 declared recently by Jharkhand Academic Council and will be available to more than 5,67,295 students who have appeared for the exams.

We know that how much relaxed you are today as you were waiting since so many days for this moment and finally you will be celebrating your success with your family and friends.

Therefore, We are glad that you have got succeed and we would really like to congratulate you on your success and wish you could have a bright future ahead. 😀

Importance of JAC Board Class 10 Result 2018, Jharkhand 10th(Matric) Result 2018

After waiting so many days, the countdown of JAC 10th Result 2018 has finally over and students has started checking their JAC board class 10 result 2018 and many of them got amazing marks which results in great over all percentage which will help them continue their further studies.

If you are one of those student who get good marks then We are glad that you have achieved such good marks and If you haven't got good marks then we would just like to tell you that hard work is the only key to success and It's really important for you to take your education seriously today so that you don't have to face much problems in your future.

Your education is the only way which will make your future bright and will make your successul in your life otherwise you will be become one of those people who regret a lot in their life for not taking their studies seriously.

We have seen so many people who always talks about the value of education and always feel regret for their life. Such people always give a lesson to many of the student who never study seriously.

So It's better to focus on your studies today to get the better tomorrow and achieve everything in your life.

Everyone has their own dreams and If you really wanna make them real then It's the time when you should think about it and struggle for it. Your hard work of today will make your tomorrow better and then you will be a lot more happy when you will remember your old days.

Mark my words that you will never regret on your life If you will study hard today and achieve a lot of success in your life.

We are glad to help you here and share the JAC board class 10 result 2018 which is available for you to check by using the above method. I hope you will be happy with your JAC 10th Class Result 2018.

JAC 10th Result - Last Year's Statistics

JAC 10th Result – Last year's statistical highlights

Total number of students

4.66 lakh

Total number of passed students


Overall pass percentage


Pass percentage of male students


Pass percentage of female students


I'm sure a lot of students like you must be confused very much for their upcoming JAC 10th Result 2018. Students are in extreme pressure and are very much nervous for their scores. We should always understand that our expectations which are completely unrealistic could hurt a lot and It's important to look at the previous year's result analysis so that you can have practical expectations.

As you can see the above table, We have shared the last year's result which can give the insight to the students about their expected scores in their upcoming JAC 10th Result 2018. It's important for you to know that Jharkhand Academic Council has followed a very strict rule according to which they were completely against the cheating activities and which results in worst passing percentage.

When you will look at the above table, you will find that around 4.66 lakh students had attempted the JAC 10th Examination 2017 out of which just 3,17,655 number of students got passed by achieving the 57.91% overall pass percentage. Again the female students had outperformed the male students by scoring 60.00% pass percentage while males had scored 55.00%.

The overall pass percentage was much lower than the previous years and it clearly shows that how much strict checking could be happen when your examination copies being reviewed.

However, I'm sure all these stats will help you manage your expectations and believe me, If you really have performed well then surely you will have great scores when the JAC 10th Result 2018 be released.

JAC 10th Result - Last 5 Year's Statistics

YearStudents Passed (%)Boys %Girls %Students Appeared

So this is the time when you came here to check your JAC 10th Result 2018. Right? I think yes that’s the reason you have been looking worried about it.

Therefore,Here we are available to tell you that you shouldn’t worry much because your JAC 10th Result 2018 is about to get released soon.

We know you had several expectations for your JAC 10th Result 2018 and you have been experiencing nervousness and fear for your JAC 10th Result 2018.

That’s why we thought of sharing last five years result statistics so that you could have the idea about your upcoming JAC 10th Result 2018.

It will also help you know about how much scores you could get when the evaluation of your answer copies will be completed and when your JAC 10th Result 2018 be live.

Therefore you must have to notice the above table which we have shared here which contains the last five years of statistics.

Just look at the above table and you will find that the overall pass percentage has been increasing in since 2013 to 2017. In 2017, a total of 3,67,295 number of candidates attempted the examinations in which 89% students cleared the examination successfully where 87% were boys got defeated by girls who has scored 88% pass percentage.

Therefore this is the time when a lot of students are expecting to see a rise in the overall pass percentage when the JAC 10th Result 2018 be declared.

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