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Did you searched a lot for GBSHSE ssc result? Just check GBSHSE SSC Result 2018 - Check Goa 10th Results 2018 at and enjoy.

As you all know that a lot of students had attempted the board exams in the month of March 2018 and all of them had successfully completed their board exams.

And every student wanna get their Goa Board SSC Result 2018 when they done with their exams. So to help all these students, We thought of sharing every information about the GBSHSE Class 10th Results 2018 with these students and that's why a lot of them read our website on daily basis and get useful information every time they visit.

Our aim is to provide them the most updated and latest information related to their education and we will always try our best to provide you updated content.

If you have landed to this website to check your GBSHSE SSC Result 2018 and get every information about it, then you will be happy a lot when you will know that you have came to the right place.

Yes you read it right.

At this place, you will get all the details about your Goa 10th Results 2018 and will get to know the method to check your Goa Board SSC Result 2018 Updates. At this website, We are keeping our eye on the latest updates of Goa 10th results and trying our best to give you all the information about Goa 10 class result.

We understand your excitement and have got a lot of requests from many other students waiting to get their Goa SSC Result 2018.

As per the latest buzz, We have heard that The Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (GBSHSE) is doing preparations to declare the Goa SSC Result of SSC class and allow the participants to check their goa board 10th result through their official website by using their exam roll number.

So we would suggest you to subscribe this website's newsletter and get notified directly to your email inbox about the news of Goa 10th Board Result 2018 declaration. Soon you will be able to check your Goa 10th results 2018 and till then, we want you to have some patience and wait for the right time for the GBSHSE Class 10 Result 2018.

GBSHSE SSC Result 2018

When will Goa 10th Results 2018, GBSHSE 10th Board Result 2018 be Declared?

Goa SSC Examination 2018 results become the most discussing topic every year and a lot of students discuss and wait for it after they done with their board exams.

Board exams has a lot of importance and many students take it seriously so that they can get better marks in the exam results like Goa Board Class 10 Results 2018 and can continue their studies by getting admitted in a best school or college.

The more you will take these exams seriously, the more you will have the chances to get prepared for the exams and then surely you will have the great experience in your exam hall to get the amazing marks in GBSHSE Class 10 Result 2018.

If you are one of those students who really studied hard every time for the exams and answered every questions correctly then I'm sure, you will experience a lot of happiness whenever the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (GBSHSE) will announce the GBSHSE Class 10 Result 2018 officially and at that time, you will feel proud on you and If you really got the great marks then surely you will have a lot of plans for your future studies.

Therefore, It's very much clear to not to take any stress If you had studied hard because hard work always pays and you will get paid too by getting amazing marks in every subject. You just have to wait for the GBSHSE Class 10 Result 2018 date when the goa board 10 result be declared.

Right now, If you will search for goa 10 class result over the internet then believe me, you will find hell a lot of websites which will explain you about the Goa Class 10th Result but none of them will tell you about your 10th class result. Why?

Because still It's not been announced by the official board and whenever It will be declared then you will get every detail and your GBSHSE Class 10 Result 2018 through this website.

As per our reports, It is expected that Goa board will make the announcement of goa class 10 result 2018 in the last week of May, 2018 and students can easily check their goa ssc result through the official website.


Exam Name

Exam Date

Exam Result Date


Goa SSC Board Exam

2nd April - 21st April

Last week of May

Goa HSSC Board Exam

5th March - 26th March

Last week of April

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How to Check GBSHSE Goa SSC Result 2018, Goa Board 10th Result?

So Finally the day has arrived when you will get the chance of checking your Goa Board SSC Result scores. Right?

Well yes and you will be happy a lot after knowing that The Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (GBSHSE) has made the announcement for the SSC students so that they can check their Goa Board SSC Result 2018 using their examination roll number.

The Goa Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education (GBSHSE) was established on 27 May 1975 under "The Goa, Daman and Diu Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board Act, 1975".

It's the main educational board authority and responsible for the exams of secondary and higher secondary education in which a lot of students take part every year from different different schools affiliated with GBSHSE.

Last year, a total of 19,358 students had taken the part in the board examinations conducted by the Goa board in which 9828 were girls and 9530 were boys and girls defeated boys in scoring the overall pass percentages with 91.94 percent while boys scored little bit less than girls i.e. 91.57.

And this time also, so many number of students had attempted the board exams and had the successful experience during their exams, said by a lot of students during our survey when the board exams were going on.

So when the Goa SSC Result 2018 has already been announced then I think we shouldn't wait anymore and let's explain you the simple steps to check your result.

Step #1: Before doing anything else, we suggest you to visit the official website of Goa board i.e.

Step #2: After landing to the official website, you would have to find a link saying " Check Goa board 10th result 2018 " which will be highlighted with any of the color.

Step #3: Just click on that highlighted link and then a new page will open in which you would have to put all your details and your GBSHSE Class 10 Result 2018 will be live on your computer.

Step #4: Just put your examination roll number and then hit submit button. You will successfully get your goa ssc result 2018 on your computer.

After getting your GBSHSE Class 10 Result 2018, you can either take the print out of it or also can take te screenshot of it. I'm sure you would have a great percentage in your Goa SSC Result 2018 and your parents will be proud on you.

So this is the perfect method of checking your GBSHSE Class 10 Result 2018 using your internet. But In case, If any of your friend or relative couldn't access the internet at the right time or may be they don't have the connection then you can suggest them an another method can be used to check goa ssc result 2018.

How to Check Goa Class 10th SSC Results 2018 Via Mobile SMS & IVRS?

We know that you are here to check your goa class 10 result and we had already shared the method of checking your GBSHSE Class 10 Result 2018 using the above steps. But you might have difficulties If your internet connection wouldn't be working.

In that situation, your mobile phone will work like charm and will help you checking your goa ssc result by sending a simple message.

A mobile phone has become a most important gadget in our life and we can never live without it because it help us in many ways and make our life a lot easier and today it will help you check your Goa Board SSC Result 2018 Date.

In old days, whenever we have to tell anything to a person sitting thousands of kilometers away then we used to send message through a man who used to travel thousands of kilometer of horses and then deliver your message to the right person.

Now those days are gone and people can easily talk with the person sitting far away from them using a simple mobile phone.

Mobile phone made a lot of things easier and today it will help you get your goa board class 10 result by sending an sms. Just send a message in the below pattern:

>> GOA10SEAT NUMBER – Send it to 56263

>> GOA10SEAT NUMBER – Send it to 58888

>> GOA10SEAT NUMBER – Send it to 5676750

>> GB10SEAT NUMBER – Send it to 54242


58888 (58888xxx multi-modals)

*588# (*588# multi-modals)

So these are some of the simple method which can be used while checking your goa board class 10 result. Just send sms using above pattern and within the next moment, your GBSHSE Class 10 Result 2018 with subject wise scores will be on your mobile phone screen.

Importance of Goa SSC Result 2018, GBSHSE Class 10 Result 2018

After waiting a lot of days, Finally today a lot of students got relaxed as they get the chance of checking their GBSHSE Class 10 Result 2018 declared by the goa board.

Lots of students are checking their Goa Board SSC Result 2018 and getting subject wise scores, many of them will be happy a lot because they might get higher marks and good percentage in the Goa SSC Result 2018 while there will be many students who might got failed and now they had stressed a lot.

All those students who had failed this year might be fearing a lot because they would have to face their parents and they gonna be very disappoint with them.

Well, now you can't do anything and there's nothing left for having regret. If you could have studied good before your exams then surely you have got passed today in your Goa SSC Result 2018. It is always necessary to give importance to your studies when it comes to your examination.

If you will take it fore granted then believe me, you are just taking a huge risk and you could have experience a lot of regret later in your life.

You should always take your studies very seriously because somehow one day It will help you a lot when you will be trying to make your career and In case situation, the education you are taking today will benefit you a lot.

I had seen a lot of people who always keep saying that If they had studied in their childhood then today they might be living a better life.

This is the thing which I always get to know from a lot of people around me who never studied well in their student life and now nothing can be happen.

Childhood is the only time when you can be well educated because you don't have any responsibility at that time, you don't have to feed your family and nobody is asking you to go and earn money.

That's the beauty of childhood when we learn a lot of good things and a lot of bad things too.

It completely depend on us, what kind of things we take seriously. If a child take education very seriously then I'm sure he or she will surely become a successful person in their life and would never face any difficulty or anyhow If they would have any problem in their life, then they will have the ability to fight with such problems.

Education teaches a lot of things in our life and changes the way we think, changes the way we see at any thing. And the person who never took their studies seriously in their childhood then they will always have to depend on someone else and people would never give much respect to such person.

That's why everyone prefer education and always suggest each others to study well and live well. The hard work you will do in education today, will benefit you a lot in your future when you will be struggling to achieve your goals.

So still nothing happened, Just change your mind, promise yourself and start focusing on your studies. I'm sure, one day you too have good marks in your GBSHSE Class 10 Result 2018. We just shared the Goa 10th Results 2018 declared by GBSHSE board and can be checked by following above listed method. 😀

Goa Board 10th Result - Previous Year Statistics

Goa SSC Result 2017– Statistical Highlights

Total students appeared


Total students passed


Total pass percentage


Girls pass percentage


Boys pass percentage


Being the first academic board result for a student, class 10th considered as the most valuable class and students often take it very seriously because your Goa SSC Result 2018 will decide your further field of education.

Therefore, students take it seriously and sometimes they had some unrealistic expectations for their Goa SSC Result 2018 which often hurt them. That's why, here we have been shared the previous years statistics which will help you understand the toughness and competition rising constantly. Also you will get to know about the evaluation pattern followed while checking your answer sheets.

It will help you understand the reality and you will easily be able to make some realistic expectations and If you have really performed well then you shouldn't worry anymore for your Goa SSC Result 2018.

If there's some stress or nervousness in your mind for your Goa SSC Result 2018 then we convince you to keep yourself cool and must observe the above shared data. In 2017, nearly 19,358 students took part in the Goa SSC Examination 2017 from which 17,800 number of students got passed and made the overall pass percentage of 91.57%. Girls have beaten the boys by achieving 91.94% pass percentage while boys are little bit below the girls i.e. 91.18%.

So after observing the previous year Goa SSC Result, We are expecting to get a significant rise in the overall pass percentage and I'm sure you will clear the exams successfully and will have amazing marks in your Goa SSC Result 2018.

GBSHSE SSC Result - Last 5 Year's Statistics

YearTotal Number of Students AppearedOverall Passing Percentage (%)Boys Passing Percentage (%)Girls Passing Percentage (%)

We know a lot of you waiting to get your GBSHSE SSC Result 2018 and that's the reason we are here to help you release some of your pressure. All the studentsare suggested to check the above table to know about the performances of last four years Goa Board 10th Class Result.

In 2014, there were a total of 20,000 number of students who had attempted the examination out of which 83% candidates passed the examination. When comparing to year 2014, the overall pass percentage were increased a lot in 2015.

And when we will talk about year 2016, then you will find the overall pass percentage were 90.93%, which is higher than 2014 and 2015.

Also In 2017, nearly 18,776 number of candidates had appeared for the examination and 91.57% candidates successfully completed the exams with getting passed.

Therefore, this is the time when everybody is looking to see an improved overall pass percentage when the GBSHSE SSC Result 2018 be declared officially.

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