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Looks like SEBA HSLC Result 2018 has become the most discussing topic among you and your friends and you all are very much curious to know about your exam results i.e. SEBA Class 10th Results. Right?

Absolutely and that's the reason you have been scrolling this page and checking If you could find any way to get your Assam 10th Results 2018.

But unfortunately, you would have to wait until it didn't got announced by the officials i.e. Secondary Education Board of Assam which is responsible to the board exams of 10th class students in the schools of Assam and the same authority will declare the Assam Board 10th Results 2018 of Assam students.

So you should just be calm and wait for your Assam 10th Result.

Till the time when the SEBA will announce your SEBA 10th Result 2018, you could have done several other things or activities like If you wanna have some fun then why don't you make plan for an adventurous trip and have amazing moments with your friends and family.

If you don't wanna go on any trip then still there are so many options you can choose. If you had any technical course in your mind then you can do that which could be related to computers or anything which will help you learn something new which could be beneficial for you in future.

Always remember that For a student, the learning face should never end because If you would have the learning attitude then surely you will find so many amazing things to learn in every step of your life but If you wouldn't have such attitude then you might end up with lots of difficulties or circumstances which you might not handle.

So gaining knowledge is important apart from continuing your studies. As you all know that Here we are going to explain you about your Assam 10th Class Results, so just stick to this page and have a look at the rest part of this article.

SEBA HSLC Result 2018

When will SEBA HSLC Exam Result 2018, Assam HSLC Result 2018 be Released?

Do you know that a lot of students had sent us emails and comments asking the same question that when they will get the 2018 Assam 10th results and that's why we thought of answering their questions here so that they could have some patience and wait for their Assam 10th Class Results.

As We all know that SEBA stands for Secondary Education Board of Assam which was conducted the board exams for the students of class 10th in the Month of March 2018 and after completing the exams, many students are waiting to get their exam results which is Assam HSLC Result 2018.

So to answer their questions, SEBA has decided to declare the Assam 10th Result in the 3rd week of May, 2018 and till then, you wouldn't have any option except waiting for it.


Exam Name

Exam Date

Exam Result Date


Assam HSLC Exam

16th February – 10th March

In the month of May/June

Assam Class 12 Exam

23rd February – 23rd March

In the month of May/June

Although the board authorities are almost ready to announce the Assam 10th Result through their official website.

So all those students appeared in the board exams are advised to wait until they don't make official announcement for the results as they would have doing some preparations for it.

As per the sources, approximately 4 lakh students have appeared for the board exams and after going through all the stress and tension, Finally students have got some relief during these holidays.

But still they have a lot of excitement for the Assam 10th result and the excitement will get burst when the Assam 10th results 2018 will get announced officially.

So we would love to suggest you to do something which could distract your mind from the Assam 10th Result 2018 and then you could utilize this time interval in some useful activities.

No matter what you will do, you can indulge in several other activities like you can focus on your health by starting Gym, running daily in the morning etc etc. There will be so many things which can be done perfectly during this holidays as you are free and waiting for your assam hslc results.

How to Check Assam 10th Results 2018?

Now I must say that a lot of students might be happy today as Finally they have got the chance to check their HSLC result 2018 Assam and that's why you have landed to this website looking for the best way to get your Assam 10th Result 2018 in your hands. Right?

So as It is the right time to check your Assam 10th Result 2018 online so we wouldn't let you go disappointed and will surely explain the steps which you can follow to check your hslc result 2018.

Along with that, recently we have got so many requests from our readers asking for AP Inter Results 2018, AP SSC Results 2018, CBSE 12th Result 2018, CBSE 10th Result 2018. If you would also looking for such exam results then we recommend you to check them now and get the results of your friends and relatives from other boards.

So now I don't think we should wait anymore as there are so many students excited a lot for their exam results. So just have a look at the below steps and follow them accordingly to get your Assam HSLC 2018 result.

Step #1: In the very first step, We want you to visit the official website of SEBA i.e. So just type it in address bar and land to the website now.

Step #2: Just after landing to this website, you will see a highlighted link saying " High School Leaving Certificate Examination (HSLC & AHM) Results 2018, Assam " at the home page.

Step #3: You need to click on this link and then a new page will open which will ask you to enter your examination roll number and then just click on submit button.

Step #4: By just following the above steps correctly, Your Assam HSLC Result 2018 Online will be in front of you.

When you will see your Assam 10th Result 2018 on the computer screen then we recommend you to get a print out of your exam results so that you can show them to your parents and they can feel proud on you after looking at your Assam HSLC Result.

Apart from following above steps, there are so other ways which you can opt to get your Assam HSLC result online as not all students will have the internet connectivity and that's why we wanna suggest you this method. So kindly have a look below.

How to Check Assam Class 10th HSLC Results 2018, Assam 10th Result 2018 Via Mobile SMS & IVRS?

As I said above that It is possible that most of the students can't have the internet connection and due to absence of internet connection, they might face bit difficulties while checking their Assam HSLC Result 2018.

So those students can use their mobile phone and It doesn't matter whether you had an smartphone or not. You just need a simple keypad mobile phone which can send sms or can make a call and then you will have your Assam 10th Result in your hand.

So we recommend you to follow below method to get your Assam HSLC Result checked.

BSNL users can send an SMS to 57766 with the format: "SEBA18 ". For example if your roll is B18-025 and no. is 0123 then type "SEBA18 0250123 and send to 57766

Vodafone/Reliance/Tata/Idea users can type "AS10 " eg: "AS10 0250123 " and send to 58888111

Airtel users can type "AS10 " eg: "AS10 0250123 and send it to 5207011

Airtel, Vodafone,Idea and Aircel users can also get their results by dialling *588#.

Importance of SEBA HSLC Class 10th Results 2018, Assam

So as we all know that today you have got an amazing opportunity to check your hslc exam result 2018 and there are so many students who are very much happy with their SEBA 10th Results Online and with what they have got in their results.

But still there are some students couldn't make it possible to get good marks or even get passed in their Assam HSLC Result 2018 as they might not had prepared for the exams and which results in such worst exam result they got today. Well If you weren't prepared for your exams then you could also not expect for the good Assam HSLC result.

Success always comes after doing hard work and If you have done this hard work before then you wouldn't need to face this situation.

So everybody learn from their mistakes and If you have been feeling regret for not getting prepared for the exams then that's really great and you should must learn from your mistake.

You might have heard a line that " It's never too late ". so still you could achieve what you wanted to have but for that you must need to study hard and perform best in the board exams of next year. Surely you will have great Assam HSLC Results and your parents will be proud on you.

It's really great that you are planning to study hard again and this decision will surely take you towards the path of success.

But If you are one of those students planning not to continue the studies then I would must say for such students that you are making your future life a lot more difficult by doing so.

Yes you heard it right.

Life becomes more difficult to survive when you don't have the good qualification. At every stage of your life, people will ask about your qualifications and will judge your abilities on the basis of it. You would often face a lot of problems and it would bit difficult for you to earn your living as the competition is getting higher each day.

And If you wouldn't have good qualification then you would not get any reputed job in a reputed company. You will end up doing work which will pay you very less amount of money in which you couldn't fulfill the needs of your family.

So understand the value of education and just focus on moving ahead in the life. Right now you are going through the student life and In that life, It's your duty to take proper education and learn as many things as you can because the knowledge you will gain today will going to help you a lot in future.

A Lot of People Regret Today for not taking Education:

Today you might be planning to leave your studies forever after getting the SEBA HSLC Results but just think about those people whom you have met somewhere in your life who were have regret for not studying in childhood.

Yes everyone met such people who regret in their young days for not getting education at the time when they were students. You could be the same person who would regret in future If you will leave your studies today.

Those people who leave studies so early must realize the value of education when they gets young and need to hold the responsibilities on their shoulders.

We all know how much important the money is and everybody need money to have good survival for them and their family. When you are an educated person then you would have different way of thinking, different mind you will have with a lot of knowledge in your mind.

In that situation, It wouldn't be that much difficult for you to earn daily living for you and your family but If you couldn't study well during your student life then definitely you will face lots of difficulties while earning money in your daily life.

After coming to this stage, people realize that If we didn't left the studies at that time then today we would have been doing something else and could have been living much better life than today.

That's why It's always taught us the value, the importance of education in our life. It not just give better opportunities to earn living but It gives a lot of things to us whether It is identity, thinking or luxurious life. You will get so many things after being educated and people will often respect you a lot.

To see the difference between an educated person and an uneducated person, just compare a doctor with a normal hard working person who earn very less money daily.

You will surely find the difference and the amount of respect a doctor get as comparison to that worker. So It's not late for you, We just want you to understand the value of education and take right decision of focusing on your studies.

Just take your Assam HSLC 10th Results 2018 and start planning for your future that what you should do in your future and then start following your goals. 😀

Assam 10th Result - Last Year's Statistics

Assam 10th Result 2017: Facts and Figures

Total students appeared

3.91 lakh

Total students appeared

3.80 lakh

Total students secured I division


Total students secured II division


Total students secured III division


We know a lot of you who is looking to get their Assam 10th Results 2018 are very much ambitious for their future and you had several plans for your career and that's the reason, you are very much excited for your Assam 10th Results announcement.

Class 10th board results considered as the most important exam result as it will decide the way a student study in future and the field in which he could be able to make career.

Therefore, we know that you had a lot of expectations for your Assam 10th Results 2018 and that's why we thought of sharing the result analysis of last year's examination so that you could have the idea about your upcoming SEBA HSLC Result 2018.

Lots of candidates really done a lot of hard work so as to secure good marks during their examination. But It's natural of having high expectations for the exam result. So we suggest you to look at the above table and set your expectations as per it.

When you will look at the Assam 10th Result 2017 then you will find that a total of 3.91 lakh number of students appeared for the examination out of which 54,955 number of students secured the 1st division, 80,197 number of students got the 2nd division and 43,522 number of candidates got the 3rd division.

Your SEBA HSLC Result 2018 will completely be based upon your individual performance and we can expect the good result when the Assam 10th Class results be live.

SEBA HSLC Result - Last 5 Year's Statistics

YearAppeared StudentsPassing PercentagePassing % GirlsPassing % Boys

So you have been going through huge pressure and fear for your upcoming SEBA HSLC Result 2018 and to help you get some idea about your scores, we are sharing these statistics.

With the above data, you can easily identify that the overall has increased continuously in last few years except 2017, as there's some fall of percentages which you can see above.

The pass percentages of both boys and girls has increased over the past few years and as always girls are performing really well as comparison to boys. Therefore, these statistics will be helpful a lot to you.

Every candidate should understand that they will get the scores based on their individual performances and If you really had performed well then surely you will be happy a lot whenever your SEBA HSLC Result 2018 be declared officially.

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