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Wanna check your AP Intermediate result 2018? If yes then you are really lucky as you have landed to this website where you will get the perfect information about your AP Inter 2nd Year Results 2018 which will be shown to you soon.

We know that these days you have been struggling a lot to know at least how much marks you are getting for your exams and you wanna know anyhow that finally you have got passed in your AP Intermediate Results 2018. Right?

Well this is the same situation with millions of students as they all wanna get their AP Intermediate Results 2018 as soon as possible and that's why to help such people, we are here to help them by providing the details of their exam results.

We belongs to the great India and there are so many board authorities available for different different states and students from different different boards had appeared in the board exams and after completing their exams, It's becoming very much difficult for them to control their excitement for getting their BIEAP 12th (Senior Inter 2nd Year) Result 2018.

They all are waiting eagerly to check their exam results i.e. AP 2nd Year Inter Result 2018. Here at this website, you will be allowed to check the exam results of all India board as we are keep updating the information database at this website so that our readers can get the appropriate information without having any difficulties.

Recently we have shared information about AP SSC Results 2018 , CBSE 12th Result 2018, CBSE 10th Result 2018 and much more about exam date sheets. With the help of this website, you are allowed to check the exam results of anyone who belongs to other board as we will share the all India board exam results at this website.

After sharing above linked exam results, today we have decided to share information for Andhra Pradesh 12th results 2018 which will be available soon to you. So let's not to waste much time and have a look at the rest part of this article to get the AP Inter Result 2018.

AP Inter Results 2018

When Will AP Intermediate Exam Results 2018 be Released?

Do you know that you aren't the only student who is looking to get the answer of this question but there are millions of student in India from different different boards want to know about the time when they will have the AP Senior Inter Result in their hands. Daily we are getting hell of lots of emails, comments from the students asking about their Andhra Board Result 2018.

But unfortunately, for now we can only say that you would have to wait until the BIEAP ( Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh ) declares the exam results i.e AP Inter Results 2018 for intermediate students.

Mostly likely it is expected that BIEAP will announce the AP 2nd Year Inter Result in the month of May 2018 onward and at that time, a sudden buzz will create among the students and they will rush internet cafes to check their AP Senior Inter Result.


Exam Name

Exam Date

Exam Result Date

Andhra Pradesh

AP 10th Board Exam

15th March - 29th March

First week of May

AP Inter 1st Year Board Exam

28th Feb - 17th March

2nd week of April

AP Inter 2nd Year Board Exam

1st March - 19th March

3rd week of April

You could also have the opportunity to check your AP 2nd Intermediate Result through this website. We want you to keep this page bookmarked and must visit here again during the time when the AP Inter Results 2018 will get announced. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and we will inform you when the AP Inter Result will get announced.

Till then do whatever you want to do as you really had a lot of free time and you can do anything in this time interval.

Either you could go on any trip to enjoy with your friends and family or If you have some future plans for preparing any competition then you can keep your preparations continue for the competition and I hope you will have great experience during that competition.

All you need to do is, keep studying hard and don't let anyone else go ahead of you. Just give your best and leave everything on god. You will surely be succeed in your goals by getting amazing marks in AP Senior Inter Result.

How to Check AP Intermediate 1st & 2nd Year Exam Results 2018?

After waiting a lot of days, If you are reading this part of this article and going to follow all the below steps then surely the AP 2nd Year Intermediate Result have been announced and finally you have got the chance to have your Andhra Pradesh AP Intermediate 1st year, 2nd-year exams 2018 in your hand.

Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education had conducted the Andhra Pradesh AP Intermediate exams 2018 for the students of schools in Andhra Pradesh and during those board exams, lakhs of students have appeared in it and now it is the time when BIEAP has the responsibility to announce the AP 2nd Year Result for all the students waiting to check already.

So that they can know what they have got and what they should do in their future.

So let's not to waste much time and have a look at few simple steps which you definitely need to follow in order to get your AP Intermediate 2018 Results in your hand.

Step #1: Well checking exam result isn't much hard, you just have to visit the official website of Andhra Pradesh Board i.e. bieap.gov.in.

Step #2: After landing to the official website as I suggested in the above step, you will have to find a link saying " Check AP Intermediate 12th Exam Results 2018 ".

Step #3: When you will have that link in front of you, just click on that link and then a new tab will open which will ask you for your details like exam roll number.

Step #4: Just put your exam roll number there and hit enter. Just after doing this, 2018 AP Intermediate result will be in front of you.

And then you could either note down your marks subject by subject or you can also take the print out with you so that you could have your AP Board Results 2018 for sometime to show your parents and friends.

Just like I suggested above, follow the steps and you will download your AP Inter Result easily. In some cases, If you can't access the internet or may be you don't have the connectivity during the AP 2nd Year Inter Result 2018 announced.

For that situation, we would love to suggest few more methods which you can use to check your Andhra Pradesh 12th Result in just few simple steps.

How to Check 2018 Andhra Pradesh 12th Results, AP 12th Result 2018 Via Mobile SMS & IVRS?

As you all know that BIEAP has declared the AP 2nd Year Inter Result for the students appeared in the exams in the Month of March 2018 and If you are also one of those then definitely you wanna know the exam results. So just follow the above listed steps and have the AP 12th Result 2018 in your hands. You can also suggest your friends the same method of checking the result.

In some cases, If your friend can't access the internet or don't have the internet connectivity then you can suggest them below method of checking AP Board 2nd Year Inter Result 2018 which just need a simple mobile phone to send sms and get your exam result.


First year students: IPE1 <space> <hall ticket number> 54242; Second year students IPE2 <space> <hall ticket number> 54242; First year students: IPEG1 <space> <hall ticket number> 5676750

Second year students: IPEG2 <space> <hall ticket number> 5676750; First year vocational students : IPEV1 <space> <hall ticket number> 54242 or 5676750; Second year vocational students IPEV2 <space> <hall ticket number> 54242 or 5676750


Students can call 1100 from the BSNL landline to know the results through IVRS method.

Other mobile and landline users can call at 18004254440 to know the exam result through this method.

We hope you would really have great AP Inter Result online and will have a brighter future ahead. 😀

Importance of AP Intermediate 1st Year, 2nd Year Exam Results

As we all know that BIEAP has declared the exam results for the 1st year and 2nd year students of intermediate classes and now a lot of them checking their AP 12th Result 2018 online.

Most of them will get successful in their AP 2nd Year Inter Result and will be proceeding ahead in their life. They all studied hard an today they have got the result of their hard work.

But not all students get such results, there will be many who couldn't pass this year and would have feeling sad because they couldn't score good. For such students, I would must say that you may haven't gave your 100% for your exams and that's why you have been facing such situation.

You should understand that nothing gonna happen If you don't study with dedication and hard work. Hard work, will power and Dedication is the most important thing to be succeed in any goal and you would have to understand the value of it.

For now, I would just say that let it go and promise yourself that you will study hard and will get great marks next year in your Andhra Pradesh Board 12th Class Results 2018. Also think about the most important reasons to get you succeed in your exams.

I can give you a lot of reasons to study hard as the education has a lot of importance and you will regret for sure in future if you missed it today.

So we would never want you to take your education your studies fore-granted and let's have look at the most possible reasons to study.

#1. Education will change the way you think:

Have you ever seen someone who were going through hard situations and couldn't able to take right decisions wisely? If you have ever met with such person then that person would be the perfect example for not being educated.

An educated person has the ability to think maturely and wisely so that the perfect decision can be taken at the perfect time. You might have heard that taking a right decision is very much important at the right time which results in good manner for that person.

Education make people smart, wise and updated with latest technology and trends which helps them in many ways and they become able to handle any circumstances.

Education help us in achieving success and taught us the way we should proceed to the path of success and many more things. Let's take an example, suppose there are 2 person, one is educated well and the another one is uneducated.

At the time, when both will have some family responsibilities then in that situation, the uneducated person can only work like a slave and he couldn't have anything in mind to have a successful life.

While the educated person will handle this situation wisely as he know what he have to do to be succeed in his life. Rather than working like a slave, he would work through his mind and with his creative ideas because he would have gained so much of knowledge in different different areas and will have so many path of success in his mind.

An educated person can easily find a reputed job in a multi national company and can earn huge money while an uneducated person can't. That's why the education is important and you shouldn't leave it. Just focus on their studies and move ahead in your life.

#2. People will give you a lot of respect:

Yes you heard it right. Educated person get more respect from the people around them and people often ask them for the help with a lot of respect.

You might have seen so many cases when someone come back to his village after completing the higher studies then the people of village give him a lot of respect and call them a babu ji. Am I right or not?

So that's also a big reason to be educated as It give us a lot of respect in our society and everybody wants to be around such educated and successful person so that they can also learn a lot of things from them.

That's why you should don't forget the value of education and keep focusing on your studies. These aren't the only reasons of the education. There are a lot of reasons and benefits you might get when you will be educated and successful in your life.

So today you have got the chance to check your AP Intermediate 2018 Result, If you have got good marks in your AP Board Intermediate Exam Results 2018 then congratulations you would have chance to proceed your education.

But If you couldn't pass in your exams then we would suggest you to study hard from the next time and surely you will get good result next year. I hope you will understand my words. 😀

AP Senior Intermediate Result: Last Year's Analysis


AP 2nd Year Result

Total number of students


Total number of passed students


Overall pass percentage


Pass percentage of female students


Pass percentage of male students


Best performing district


We know you all students will have a lot of pressure for your AP Intermediate result 2018 and to help you overcome some pressure, We have been providing the statistical analysis of last year's AP Inter Results.

In 2017, there were 10,31,285 number of students who have attended the Andhra Pradesh AP Intermediate 1st year, 2nd-year exams 2017. Among which, 5,08,186 students were appeared for the AP Inter 2nd year exams in the allotted examination centres which was 1,445 in the whole state.

When the AP Inter Results got declared, students were happy a lot and again girls have out performed the boys by getting 69% while the boys have scored just 60 percent and girls proved that they will never be behind the boys and can achieve any goal in their life.

While the overall pass percentage were 66.91% in which a student named Krishna remained the best performer for the exams of 2017.

By getting the best performance continuously from the students of Andhra Pradesh, academic experts are expecting them to get the such kind of amazing result this year also and surely the consistency of getting good results every year wouldn't break and AP Board Results 2018 will have the amazing scores made by the students.

We are expecting the reliable rise of overall passing percentage this year ( AP Inter Results 2018 ). Simply keep checking this page and keep yourself updated all the time.

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