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Choosing Career Options after 10th

Are you done with your 10th Boards and taking the first bold step towards your career? If yes, we assume you’re already bombarded with a dozen of ‘Free Advice’ from people you don’t know. Perhaps, you have even received phone calls from distant relatives and neighbours you never knew existed. They might have successfully helped you with their ‘opinionated views’ on how taking up Science or Commerce is your only way to sail through life if you want to be successful. Did they also tell you how your life will be doomed forever if even think of taking up anything except what they just suggested (wink-wink)?

The situation looks familiar, doesn’t it? Well, it is always best to consult an expert who can help you see the bigger picture. Someone who knows what all career options can be taken up once you’re done with your studies. On top of it, if you’ve already made your mind on the choice of subject, it’s even better to explore the opportunities that come along with the subject. Now that you’re already done with 10th Boards, it’s time to grab some popcorn and coffee as you take a stroll and unbox the surprises different streams bring to you.

Debunk the Myth- There exists no ideal stream that a student should take up post their secondary school, i.e., class 10th. Also, there is absolutely no stream that would doom your life or shut the doors to success. So if anyone tells you that taking a particular subject would limit your options go ahead and tell them otherwise.

Humanities/ Arts

With the changing times, more and more students have shown interest in Humanities/ Arts. It is ideal for students who have a passion for literature and creative careers. Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Informatics Practices, History, Psychology, Philosophy, English, and Geography are some of the core subjects taught to students who take up Arts or Humanities. If you’ve ever wanted to be a Historian, Designer or Journalist, you know what stream you should sign up for.

·      Teacher/university lecturer

·      Printmaker 

·      Arts administrator

·      Animator

·      Photographer 

·      Illustrator

  • Graphic Designer
  • Writer
  • Historian


Are you the one who loved playing number games as a kid? If so, commerce is all about mathematic calculations. If you ever wanted to become a Chartered Accountant, or Financial Planner or a Banker, you should consider taking Commerce after your 10th Boards. Some of the core subjects you study in this stream are Maths, Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, Computers and English.   

  • Accountant.
  • Accountant Executive.
  • Chartered Accountant.
  • Company secretary.
  • Cost Accountant.
  • Finance Analyst.
  • Finance Planner.
  • Finance Manager.


Did you fancy machines as a kid or you were the one who imagined being a doctor? If so, taking up Science may look like a viable option to you. Students who want to dive-deep in subjects like Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Information Practices, Electronics should take up Science post their 10th Boards. Science opens numerous career options in the field of medicine, engineering and more.

  • Biochemist 
  • Chemist. …
  • Conservationist. …
  • Environmental Scientist. …
  • Environmental Science and Protection Technician. …
  • Forensic Scientist. …
  • Geoscientist. …
  • Hydrologist.

Now that you know which of these streams pave your way to the career you want to pursue in future, we hope you are no longer standing on Robert Frost’s ‘Crossroads’. As you prepare to take up the first step towards your career, just remember, the ideal stream to take up post 10th Boards is the one that takes you to your dream job!

Leverage Edu will help you choose the right career path after 10th.

MSBSHSE SSC Result 2018 – Check Maharashtra 10th Result 2018 at

Thinking to check MSBSHSE SSC Result 2018. If yes then why don’t you find all the details at MSBSHSE SSC Result 2018 – Check Maharashtra 10th Result 2018 at

It looks like that you are one of such student who really studies hard to get the better marks in their exams and you too have done the hard work during your board exams and now waiting for the day when you could have the chance to show what you can do to all your friends, parents and relatives.

You actually wanna make your parents proud on you by showing your achievement and that’s the reason, you have been awaiting for your SSC Result 2018 Maharashtra since a long time and now It’s getting even more difficult to wait for it. Right?

Every time you search for it over the internet and get disappointment but here we will help you find what you are looking for.

We had the only aim to provide the best and detailed content to all our readers so that they can have all the information related to their exams and studies.

At this website, We have been sharing the exam results of all India board and It will be very easy for you to get the exam result of any board in India.

If you are looking to check the exam result such as SSC Result 2018 Maharashtra for any other friend or relative who belongs to any other board in India then this is the perfect place to find their scores in all the subjects once their exam result get declared by the official board authority.

There were more than 20,00,000 students including boys and girls who had appeared for the MSBSHSE SSC exams 2018 which was conducted in the month of March 2018 and you aren’t the only one who is very much curious for the SSC Result 2018 Maharashtra.

Daily we get huge number of emails and comments from the readers who ask us about their MSBSHSE SSC result 2018 and we always tell them to stick with this page and your SSC Result 2018 Maharashtra will be shown to you once declared by the board authority.

We all should understand that from conducting board exams to declaring the result, there are so much of work to be done properly so that every student will have their SSC Result 2018 Maharashtra and that’s why you are still waiting for it.

MSBSHSE SSC Result 2018

When will MSBSHSE SSC Result 2018 be Declared?

So you too have started discussing about this question. Well this is the most discussing question among the students after they complete their board exams.

Every student has the desire to get to know about their scores in each subject and that desire let them think about such questions every time before the Maharashtra 10th Results get declared.

During the days when I was appearing for the board exams, I too find the same question on everybody’s mouth and many of my friends were talking about the Maharashtra 10th Results.

Actually there were two of my friends who name was Ravi and Shankar, both didn’t like each other but was close friends of mine and they both had the bet of getting higher marks.

Before the board exams had started, they both has a long conversation about who is the best in scoring the marks in the exams which results in a bet in both of them. To prove each one down, both of them studied really hard and gave their best during the board exams.

After when we all completed the board exams, a day we all were sitting in a restaurant and discussing about the Maharashtra 10th Results and the bet of Ravi and Shankar. At that time too, we all had the same question in our mind that When will MSBSHSE SSC Result 2018 be Declared?

But at the end , We all understood that there is nothing in waiting desperately for the Maharashtra Board SSC Result 2018.

We are just wasting our precious time by thinking much about it. As everybody here know that MSBSHSE stands for Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education is an educational board authority situated in Pune and an Autonomous Body established under the provisions of the Maharashtra Act No. 41 of 1965.

Every year, Maharashtra board conducts the SSC exams for all the students studying in the schools affiliated with them. This year too they have organized the exams on the right time and like every year, they will announce the Maharashtra 10th result 2018 in the month of June 2018.

Therefore, If you still have so many days left for the Maharashtra Board SSC Result 2018 announcement then we recommend you to have some patience and stop waiting for it.

You can subscribe to our newsletter and get notified whenever the Maharashtra Board SSC Result 2018 be declared. Instead of wasting your time by keeping your eyes on the Maharashtra Board SSC Result 2018, you can utilize your holidays and can learn anything you want, anything in which you are interested.

During these holidays, a lot of students enjoy with their friends, cousins and family and forget everything about their studies. So this is the time to refresh your mind and enjoy your holidays.

How to Check Maharashtra 10th Result 2018?

I’m sure you must be considering yourself a very lucky person because today you will be getting the chance of checking your Maharashtra 10th results 2018 for which you have been waiting with so much of desperation since a long days.

Now the countdown of Maharashtra SSC Result 2018 has been over and a lot of students will get their excitement to an end.

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education has made an announcement this morning that the MSBSHSE SSC Examination Results 2018 is now live and available at the official website to check.

Students must need to provide their examination roll number in order to get the scores in all the subjects.

Therefore, Finally the waiting period is over and you should get ready to experience your result of your hard work. We are going to explain you the whole process of checking your Maharashtra SSC Result 2018.

Simply follow the below steps and your Maharashtra SSC Result 2018 will be available on your computer screen.

Step #1: So first of all, make sure you have visited to the official website of Maharashtra board i.e.

Step #2: After landing to this website, you would have to search for a link which will take you to a form where you would need to put your examination roll number.

Step #3: Simply find that link saying ” SSC Examination Result March 2018 ” and then click on view result.

Step #4: By clicking on it, a new page will appear where you will find two fields asking you to put your examination roll number and your mother’s first name. Simply put the details and then hit view result button.

Within the next moment, your Maharashtra class 10 result 2018 will be available live on your computer screen and you will be allowed to take print out, screenshots of it, so that you can share your scores with all your family members and friends in order to spread your happiness.

Whenever the Maharashtra SSC Result 2018 get released publicly then this is the time when students are at the peak of their excitement and they don’t have the capacity to wait a single minute for checking their result.

Therefore sometime student had to face little bit of sadness just because they experience problems like website server down, slow internet connection problems, lack of internet connection, computer not responding properly, electricity problems etc etc.

So we don’t want any of our reader to have any problems. So we want you to look at the another method which can be used as an alternative while checking your Maharashtra SSC Result 2018.

This was the same method which my friend Rohan suggested me when our exam result got declared.

Few years back, It was the time when I was roaming around 1-2 cyber cafes and couldn’t be able to get my exam result quickly because each and every cyber cafe was full of students came to check their result and most of the cyber cafe has computer issues.

At that time, Rohan called me for asking about my scores and I tell him that I couldn’t check my result because of such problems.

Then he suggested me to check the Maharashtra 10th result 2018 via mobile sms which is very quick and easy. I immediately sent a message using my mobile phone and within the next moment, I received a message contain all the details of my Maharashtra SSC Result 2018 and subject wise scores.

How to Check Maharashtra SSC Result 2018 Via Mobile SMS?

So you are here looking to know about this alternative method which you can use to check your MSBSHSE SSC Result 2018. Right?

Well this is the most easy and quickly method which anybody can use as It only need your mobile phone and a message will be sent using it and within the next minute, your ssc result 2018 will be live in front of you.

We all know that Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education has declared the result of SSC class students and is available at their official website.

You can check your MSBSHSE SSC Result 2018 using any of the method you want If you are comfortable with getting your result via online method then you can go for it.

As everybody know that internet has been the most reliable and helpful network but still there are many who don’t know how to use it properly and most of the time, people experience low connectivity issues, server down issues etc etc and that’s why Maharashtra board has been providing this facility so that every student can have their MSBSHSE SSC Result 2018 as quick as possible.

With this method, you would just have to send a message using your mobile phone and your MSBSHSE Board SSC Result 2018 will be available live to you. Simply send a message in the below pattern:

BSNL subscribers: Text MHSSC<space><seat no> to 57766.

Idea, Vofafone, Reliance and Tata users: Message MAH10<space><roll no> to 58888111.

So I’m sure you all will be happy a lot with having an another method of checking your Maharashtra SSC results 2018 using your mobile phone.

We all have to admit that mobile phones has made our life even more easier and everyone of us getting a lot of benefits of it. Nowadays there’s nothing we cannot do with a mobile phone.

From speaking with someone else sitting thousands of kilometers away from us to doing huge number of calculations, setting up the alarm to wake up early in the morning.

Everything can be done by using these mobile phones and everyone of us love to keep them in our pockets. Sometimes I feel very much lucky to born in this 21st century and living around such a great technology.

So as we have promised to you, we had shared the best method to check your MSBSHSE SSC results 2018 and I’m sure you all will be getting amazing marks and celebrating your success with your friends and family members.

However, there must be a lot of students who don’t get the marks as per their expectation. We recommend such students to kindly have a look at the below paragraphs.

Importance of MSBSHSE 10th Results 2018, MSBSHSE Board SSC Result

First of all, I would love to say that you are very much lucky because you are a student and learning each and everyday. Student life is the most precious life and every young person used to miss those days when they used to go school.

Success and failures are the parts of life and you shouldn’t be sad If you haven’t got the marks as per your expectations.

It’s always important to put your 100% efforts in order to see some results and If you haven’t studied hard during your exams then it’s quite normal of getting such marks.

There are many students who studied day and night and now they are very much happy with their MSBSHSE Board SSC Result.

It’s just the matter of focus and hard work. The one who do hard work, never gets any disappointment. If you really want to achieve your goals then we suggest you to do hard work in your studies and surely you will have amazing marks in your MSBSHSE Board SSC Result.

This is the time when you should understand the value of your education and should focus on studying properly so that you could have the bright future and you can be able to make your own destiny.

MBSE HSSLC Result 2018 – Check Mizoram 12th Result 2018 at

Looking to get your MBSE HSSLC Result 2018? If yes, then you will be happy to know that Mizoram Board of School Education (MBSE) has announced the class 12 result and available here to check. Find details at ” MBSE HSSLC Result 2018 – Check Mizoram 12th Result 2018 at “.

Have checked a lot of websites, but always you got failed in getting your exam result?

It can happen when you land a place where the complete information is not available and one more reason of not getting your exam result is, It’s yet not declared by the official board authorities and that’s why you couldn’t have found it anywhere.

But to get your exam result, It’s very much important that you stick to a website and wait for the official news to come when the MBSE HSSLC result 2018 be announced and then students like you can be able to check them online.

We know your further studies completely depends on your class 12 result and that’s why you are wishing to get amazing scores in your exam result.

At this website, students from Arts, Commerce and Science streams sending us a lot of requests for their exam result with showing so much of excitement.

All these students have been waiting for the day when they could get the admission in the college of their choice which might have some cut off requirement which can be fulfilled only when your result will get announced from the Mizoram Board of School Education (MBSE).

Different different students have different different dreams and to achieve their dreams, a lot of students are really studying hard and focusing on their goals.

In the recent exams conducted by Mizoram Board of School Education (MBSE), students have shown amazing performance and we found a lot of them got prepared amazingly for their exams.

When someone really does a lot of hard work to achieve something then curiosity and excitement get generated automatically and can be found in anyone who are passionate about their achievement.

That’s the reason, students couldn’t wait to get their results and kept a lot of excitement in them for the MBSE board HSSLC result declaration.

MBSE HSSLC Result 2018

When will MBSE HSSLC Result 2018 be Released?

When it comes to this question then we all know the answer of it but still knowing the answer, It’s not that much easy to be calm for the result.

Every year Mizoram Board of School Education (MBSE) organize exams for the students of class 12 in the month of February and March in which lakhs of students take part and after when the exams got completed, all those exam copies sent to get checked and after all the process get completed then Mizoram board used to declare the Mizoram class 12 result in the month of May every year.

That’s why It’s important for you to keep some patience as your result will be available to you in that month only and then you will have all your grades and scores.

Till your result announcement, you are completely free to do whatever you want and just chill with your friends and family in these holidays.

After your exams got finished, this is the time to plan your holidays and there are several things which you can do in these holidays so as to have fun and refresh your mind.

You can plan your trip to wonderful beaches in Goa and other places in India but Goa is the most popular place to have fun and enjoy with friends on the beautiful beaches. I’m sure you will never forget this trip If you visit Goa to enjoy your holidays.

Also there are many other options you can try in your holidays like you can organize the pool party, house party to enjoy your holidays and there are much more things which can be done in these days.

You simply have to keep yourself happy and do what you wanted to do before but couldn’t make it possible due to lack of time. But now you have so many holidays and It’s better not to ruin it by thinking about your exam result all the time.

We too have did a lot of fun and enjoyment when we were on a trip to Manali in our summer holidays after we completed our exams. Me and my 3 friends were getting bore after we completed our exams.

It was 2 weeks gone after the exams and we all were thinking to enjoy our holidays and don’t want these days to go waste by sitting at home only. So We all made a plan for the Manali trip and decided to do trekking there.

We all left Delhi to Manali to enjoy and have fun together. This was how we enjoyed those days and this is the time when you have got this chance so must enjoy it and celebrate it.

How to Check Mizoram 12th Result 2018?

It looks like you really have done a lot of enjoyment in your holidays and now finally you have got the news of your result declaration which you were waiting since so many days.

There must be many students like you who had utilized their holidays in doing something meaningful and didn’t wasted their time. But If someone has been waiting only then I would must say, he or she must be bored a lot and today their result will be available to them.

So It was completely your decision and as we are here to provide you the details about your class 12 result, we will explain some of the easy steps below which you need to follow to get your result in your hands.

Step #1: While checking your class 12 result, It’s important for you to log on to the official website of Mizoram board i.e.

Step #2: After getting over the official website, You would need to enter the results section by clicking on a tab in the header menu of the website.

Step #3: At the results page, you will get several links in which you would look onto the link saying ” Mizoram HSSLC Examination Result 2018 “.

Step #4: Simply click on that link and then a page will appear from where you will be one step away from your exam result. At this page, you will be asked to put your examination roll number.

Step #5: Just enter your examination roll number in the appropriate field and then hit the submit button.

Just by following these simple steps, your HSSLC result 2018 will be available live on your computer screen with having all the details and your marks in all the subjects. We hope you will get amazing grades and you wouldn’t have any problem while checking your exam result.

Also make sure, you don’t enter the incorrect roll number so as to avoid the unwanted issues and check out that your internet connection is working fine and loading sites quickly.

I’m sure after getting your exam result, you would have several plans for your further studies. Many of the students would be planning to prepare themselves for the competition so as to crack the examination and can be admitted for their desired course.

But let me tell you one thing, before enrolling for any of the course It’s important that you check your abilities and then choose the course.

Sometimes student take a very hard courses and then it becomes very difficult for them to study that course properly. Therefore It’s important to enter in a field in which you have a lot of interest.

How to Check Mizoram Board HSSLC Result 2018 Via Mobile SMS?

Have you used the above method so many times but still don’t get your exam result? If yes, then there must be a lot of reasons behind it and it could be any.

If your internet connection isn’t working fine then you might face issues with the above method and also when the official website have been facing the server down problems.

In such situation, you would always have to wait some time to get your result in front of you. But as we all know, It was already a lot more difficult for the students to wait for their result and they don’t wanna wait anymore. Right?

Therefore, We always recommend our readers to have an alternative method and here we are going to share an alternative with you.

To use this alternative method, you just need your mobile phone and it will be very much easy for you to send a message with it.

To get your Mizoram board class 12 result 208, you simply have to send a quick message through your keypad mobile phone and within a minute, you will be checking your grades or scores in all your subjects.

Recently the Mizoram Board of School Education (MBSE) has announced the HSSLC result 2018 and provided the facility to check result via sending mobile sms. Mizoram board already knew that some student might have problem while checking results online and that’s why they started this facility and students are getting their result very quickly.

So let’s not to wait more and simply send a message by following the below instructions.

Just after sending the message from your mobile, your class 12 result will be available live to you. We should always thankful to our mobile phones and to the person who invented it.

Mobile phone has been the most valuable technology gadget in our life and we all are getting lots of benefits with it. Apart from providing several benefits, your mobile phone can be your life savers whenever you will stuck at any place.

Suppose you are our of your home and got stuck somewhere because of bad weather and then your mobile phone will be there to get you help and save your life. We can’t imagine how many problems a mobile phone is solving these days with lots of amazing features in it.

Therefore we are thankful of having mobile phones and we are really glad that you could see your Mizoram hsslc result through a mobile phone.

Importance of MBSE Board 12th HSSLC Results 2018

Well exam results are the only way to find out what our child has learnt till now and how their education is going on.

For a child since childhood, learning things properly is very much important and to make them learn things, We used to send them school so as to get some knowledge and education.

We all have studied a lot of years of our life and everybody had to attempt the exams so as to find out what they have learnt over the whole year.

Exams are supposed to make everyone learn, If there wouldn’t be any exam then nobody would learn anything and that’s why exams are important and their results help us know about the progress.

Whether It’s a child or an adult, education is must for everyone and everyone should consider it very serious in their life. Without getting educated, life will become very difficult and you wouldn’t be able to achieve anything in your life.

Education help us find and learn new ways to complete any of the task. It improves the way we think and the way we look at anything. In short, It completely changes a human and their thinking and help them achieve success in their life.

At this website, We had shared the MBSE board HSSLC result 2018 which was released recently and available to all the students.

In the recent result announcement, lots of students have seen their marks and many of them got very much surprised after looking at their scores in all the subjects.

They really got paid for their hard work, while there are some students too who never did any hard work and also got shocked after looking at their result.

Lots of student got failed as they didn’t took their books seriously and If they wouldn’t be serious again then believe me, they will have to regret a lot on their life in future when nobody will give them job and they couldn’t fulfill their dreams.

Each and every person see dreams in their life but very few people has the courage to fulfill all their dreams. To achieve any of your dream, you will always need to put your efforts and make it possible.

NBSE HSLC Result 2018 – Check Nagaland 10th Result 2018 at

Finally the board exams has finished and you completed them successfully. Right?

Of course yes and I’m sure you are feeling really good after your exams has been over and now you are completely free to do anything which you want and give happiness to you.

Since the time exam get started, students have to put a lot of efforts while preparing for their exams and to get their goals achieved. Many students used to consider board exams since the time when they enter to the board classes and always try to prepare everything for the board exams so that they can achieve good marks in their exams.

Exams are the most important part for any student as It helps them find what they have learnt over the past 1 year and how much knowledge they acquire at their level.

And when it comes to board exams, student had to be very serious for it because the marks you get in these board exams help to get admitted for the further studies and people will always used to ask you about your percentages in your board classes and having a great percentage shows how intelligent you are and let you feel respectable in front of such people.

After completing the board exams, everybody used to wait to get their exam result and I’m sure you too have landed to this website just because you are looking to check your NBSE HSLC Result 2018 and here we will help you get all the information about your exam result and you will be able to download your class 10 result simply by following our instructions.

The Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) has organized the board exams in the month of March 2018 and now they have declared the Nagaland 10th result 2018 and we instruct you to follow us and get your result ASAP.

How to Check NBSE HSLC Result 2018?

After searching a lot of days for your exam result, today finally you have got the chance as Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) has made the announcement for the class 10 exam result which is available live at their official website.

After getting this news, a lot of students have got happy a lot and must be celebrating this moment. I can feel how much happy you are right now. It becomes very difficult when you wait lot of days for something with so much of excitement, but failed to get it most of the time.

But when it get available in real then the excitement comes to the peak and we all love that moment. So as your Nagaland 10 result is available live, we suggest you to follow below steps and get your exam result available live for you.

Step #1: To get your 10th result, First of all you would need to land the official website of Nagaland board i.e.

Step #2: After landing to the official website, you simply have to look for the results section where your class 10th result will be available and live to check.

Step #3: You will find a link saying ” NBSE HSLC 10th Examination Result 2018 ” where you would have to click and a page will appear which will show your exam result.

Step #4: After clicking on that link, when the new page will appear then you would be asked to put your examination roll number and then simply hit submit button to get your Nagaland class 10 result 2018 available live on your computer screen.

Therefore, simply by following all these steps you will be able to get your NBSE HSLC result 2018 and can be able to take the print out of your result.

But while checking your exam result, It’s important that your internet connection is running fine and loading websites quickly otherwise you would have to wait a lot.

To help you get your result more quickly, We also suggest you to have a look at the another method in which you would just need your mobile phone.

How to Check Nagaland 10th Result 2018 Via Mobile SMS?

All the candidates who had appeared for the NBSE HSLC Examination 2018 are informed that your class 10 result is available live and you can check them by following the instructions explained here at this website. We have provided the best methods you can follow.

But sometimes student face lots of issues while accessing their result through internet, that’s why we suggest you to get your result by sending an SMS through your mobile phone.

Mobile phone has been the most useful gadget in our life and we are already getting lots of benefits of it and this time, you will get your result through it. Simply follow bellow pattern and it will be live for you.

Just type NB10<SPACE>ROLL NUMBER and send it to 54242.

So these are the simply instruction you will have to follow in order to get your result quickly and celebrate your success with your family.

Meet with the Topper of Last Year

While preparing for any of the exam, there are lots of students who really put their hard work with lots of passion but there are very few who tops the exam and prove themselves to be extra ordinary.

Here we are going to explain you about the toppers of last year who scores highest marks in NBSE HSLC Examination 2017.

Deepa Mishra of Holy Cross Higher Secondary School, Dimapur

Deepa Mishra of Holy Cross Higher Secondary School, Dimapur at the age of 16 achieved the highest marks in the exams and reserved the top position for herself by scoring 97.67% and State highest marks in three subjects (Science, Mathematics, and Social Sciences).

She is the daughter of Maths teacher and wishes to become a cardiologist in future. Deepa stated that ” I aspire to be a cardiologist. I wish to study the heart and its functioning. ” and shows that hard work can help you achieve anything in your life.

Deepa also point out that ” I make sure I understand what the textbook says, and that makes it easier for me to answer the questions in the exams,”. In her words, Deepa clearly said that the notes provided by teachers are always important but content from the textbook and learning from the alternative sources are also important for the exams.