MBOSE SSLC Result 2018 – Check Meghalaya 10th Result 2018 at megresults.nic.in

Have you got the recent news? that Meghalaya board has declared the class 10 result and available live at " MBOSE SSLC Result 2018 - Check Meghalaya 10th Result 2018 at megresults.nic.in ".

So before explaining anything else about your Meghalaya 10th result 2018, let me ask you about the experience of your board exams.

I'm sure you would must have a great experience during the time when you have been sitting in the examination hall and writing your question paper. Right?

As we all know that The Meghalaya Board of Secondary Education (MBOSE) has organized the MBOSE SSLC Exams 2018 in the month of March 2018 and we are sure, you too have attempted these board exams.

During these board exams, a lot of students have appeared for it and different students have different different experiences. During our research, We found that many students reported that the question paper was bit difficult and they had to left few of the questions.

While there were very few of the intelligent students who told us the same thing and found the question paper bit difficult but as I said them intelligent, they have completed all the questions and they already knew the answer of few of the difficult questions.

So that's very much normal and all the students had their own experience in all the subjects.

But finally the exams has already been over and this is the time when a lot of students have been waiting to get their MBOSE SSLC result 2018 and many of them are already scared of it.

So If you have landed to this website in order to check your exam result then I would must say that this is the perfect place where you will be getting all the details of your exam result.

We all know that It's not that much of easy to wait a lot of days since the day of last exam. It becomes very much difficult to wait for something in which you have done a lot of hard work. Right?

So you will be happy to know that the waiting period is about to get over soon and your Meghalaya 10 result 2018 will be available to you by following few of the simple steps explained below.

We all are waiting for the official announcement for the exam result and as soon as it get declared officially then your result will be available to you at this website.

This is the best website where you can find the exam result of all India board, so If you need to check the result on any other student or your relative then It can be available to you through us.

MBOSE SSLC Result 2018

When will MBOSE Board SSLC Result 2018 be Released?

Till the day when the MBOSE SSLC result 2018 get declare, each and every student used to think about this question.

This is the most common question which student used to ask to us because each of them have been waiting for their exam result and such questions are obvious that they will ask.

Since the time when a student enter to a board class then he or she had to start sacrificing a lot, like they have to limit the hours in which they play, they have to limit the hours in which they watch television and so many sacrifices they had to do, just because they can give more time on their studies so as to prepare themselves for the board exams.

After reducing a lot of entertainment from the life of a student, If he or she have to study hard all the time and need to prepare themselves for the exams, then you can understand how much excitement they will have for their exam result.

Each and every student who really study hard for their exams, must have to go through hard times when they got bore a lot by studying all the time and then they have to face a lot of fear while sitting in the examination hall and lots of confusion they might have in their mind like what type of questions they gonna face, whether they will have the answer or not.

So since the time when they start preparing to completing their board exams, a student face a lot of things, a lot of fear and headache in all these days.

Therefore, after experiencing a lot of things, getting excited, curious and nervous for the exam result is very much obvious and we all have experienced such situation in our student life. Right?

So to end all your excitement, We would love to inform you that Meghalaya Board of Secondary Education (MBOSE) are planning to announce the exam result in the May 2018 and then all the students will be able to check their Meghalaya class 10 result 2018 through their official website using their examination roll number.

How to Check Meghalaya Board 10th Result 2018?

So finally you are looking very much happy today as today you will be getting the chance of checking your Meghalaya board 10 result 2018 by following our instructions below.

Since the ending of board exams, a huge number of students have been waiting for their results with lots of excitement and nervousness in them and today the countdown of exam result has been over and The Meghalaya Board of Secondary Education (MBOSE) has made the official declaration of exam result and asked all the students to checkout their official website in order to get the exam result.

Now today you wouldn't need to experience much difficulties, you simply have to follow each of the below steps and your Meghalaya 10th result 2018 will be live for you.

Step #1: To check your Meghalaya board 10 result, First of all we recommend you to visit the website of Meghalaya board i.e. megresults.nic.in.

Step #2: At the official website of Meghalaya board, your class 10 result will be available to you simply by clicking on a link.

Step #3: After landing to the official website, simply look for a link saying " Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination 2018 " and then click on it.

Step #4: When you will click on this link then a new page will get opened in which you would be asked to put your examination roll number so as to get your exam result.

Step #5: Simply enter your examination roll number and then hit the submit button.

As soon as you will hit the submit button after putting your roll number, your MBOSE SSLC results be available to you.

So this is the most popular method which you would have to use while checking your exam result and you will also be able to get the print out of it in order to show your result to your parents and friends.

Today a lot of students are very much happy as Finally their waiting period is came to an end and they got their exam result. During the time when Meghalaya Board of Secondary Education (MBOSE) made this official announcement, I was in a shopping mall and I didn't aware of it that the result will get declare today.

While shopping in the mall, I came across to a television where the Aaj Tak news channel were running and showing the news of Meghalaya class 10 result declaration. At the time when I saw this news, I was completely amazed after looking at the smiles of few of the students standing in that mall.

Just after getting the news, so many students started searching their exam result on their mobile internet and I too have joined them and interviewed them by asking few of the questions.

While talking with them, I found how much excited they were for their exam result and met with few of the students who were really happy after getting the good marks in all the subjects.

After talking with very few students, I immediately came back to my home so that I can update this blog and my readers can check their exam result.

How to Check Meghalaya SSLC 10th Result 2018 Via Mobile SMS?

After when we got the news of result declaration, we immediately shared the method of checking exam result through the above explained method.

However, We have got a lot of complaints from the students last year that the official website has been facing the server down problem and a lot of students have to wait a lot for checking their result.

So after taking all these issues into our consideration, We have decided that we will share an another method by which students don't need to have any internet connection, laptop or computer and their exam result will be available to them even when the official website will be down.

With this method, a message to be send through their mobile phone and the result will be live on their mobile phone screen.

To help all the students, Meghalaya Board of Secondary Education (MBOSE) has been providing this facility to all the students and making it easy for the to check their exam result.

According to this method, you would need a simple keypad mobile phone and need to send a SMS with it by following the below pattern:

< MBOSE10 >space< Roll No > send it to 56263.

< MBOSE10 >space< Roll No > send it to 5676750.

MG10 < Roll No > send it to 52070.

Just send the message at the above numbers and you will receive all your subject wise scores in a message which will come back to your mobile phone after sending the message.

So In this way, your mobile phone will going to help you once again and you will totally love it.

Checking your exam result through your mobile phone will be the most easiest and quickest method which you will love a lot.

Previously your mobile phone has been used for the various reasons like for calculating the numbers, for speaking with other person, for setting up the alarm to wake up in the morning, for chatting with friends and much more. But It also helped you today by showing all your subject wise scores.

So I hope you all got the amazing marks today and will have the best plan for your future. We are glad that you have landed to this website and we wish you a best of luck for your future. 😀

Importance of Meghalaya Class 10 Result 2018

When it comes to the importance of education then It's very much important that all the student learn that how much wrong they are doing by not taking their studies seriously.

Nowadays many students don't even study before their exams and used to appear in the examination hall without any preparation and in the hope of cheating from others.

If you are one from such students then believe me, you are just playing with your career and mark my words, you will regret a lot in your future when people will ask you about your qualification before giving you any job.

An educated person always get a lot of respect from other people while an illiterate person never been come to the limelight of other people.

A huge number of students have got their Meghalaya 10 result 2018 today and many of them will be partying hard because of getting amazing marks in their exam result and the reason is, they really studied hard and got amazing marks.

So If you are one from such students who didn't even got the passing marks then we would must tell you that It's still not that much late. You can still control everything in your life and can have a bright future.

If you haven't start taking your studies seriously then soon It will be very late and then you couldn't do anything even after regretting a lot. It will be really good If you start focusing on your studies from today and take a goal of making good career.

Soon you will be proud on you and your parents will be happy a lot after noticing this huge change in you.

We hope you have got everything what we have explained to you here and today onward, you will study with passion and dedication to achieve your goals and to become a successful person on your life.

Also don't forget to share your experiences with us through commenting below and do let us know If you have any difficulty while checking your Meghalaya SSLC 10th result 2018.

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